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With Stonetown Concrete & Construction, every project is tackled with precision and expertise bringing your vision to life. Specializing in regular, stamped and exposed concrete including patios, driveways, and sidewalks, we also execute fences, decks, landscaping and renovations, both indoor and outdoor. 

We will work with you to decide which  concrete design will work best for your overall vision. Whether you are in need of resurfacing and beautification of existing concrete or a completely fresh concrete job, we’ll use our enhanced process to provide you with both quality and value. Committed to delivering an excellent product, we fully excavate the subgrade and thoroughly compact it, which is the key to a long lasting concrete project. 

To ensure larger renovation projects develop seamlessly, we work with many qualified contractors so that we can complete an entire job from start to finish in a quick and efficient manner. 

About Us

Based in St. Mary’s, Ontario, Stonetown Concrete & Construction also services Stratford, Mitchell, New Hamburg and surrounding areas. Together with our qualified employees and industry experts, we have extensive experience working with regular, stamped and exposed concrete eliminating setbacks and mistakes.  We're thrilled to offer a one-stop-shop service for your outdoor needs. Making your restoration experience seamless, we work with landscapers and contractors so you can complete your project in one call.  

During the forming process whether it be a driveway, backyard enhancement, commercial or agricultural project, clients are encouraged to be present so that Stonetown Concrete & Construction's  design layout meets and exceeds your expectations. Together we can compose a look that will enhance your house. This allows for accuracy when pouring, saving you time and resources.       

We pride our work on three distinct details including: our concrete is 32 mpa instead of the traditional 25 or 30 mpa helping to mitigate wear and tear; we pour our concrete to a minimum of a 5 inch thickness rather than a common pour of 4 inches and we always lay overlapping wire mesh into driveways and concrete pads providing strength to help eliminate cracking over time. 


Our Services


Our driveways are durable due to our process of fully excavating your subgrade and carefuly compacting it. We work with our clients to determine their ideal look and use our perfected process to leave you with a long-lasting product.

Decorative Concrete

Our team of experts can execute exposed concrete projects, a finish that is quickly  becoming a popular choice. We can also complete stamped projects which is comprised of stamps and impressions. Contact us to learn more.

Backyard Concrete Pads

Our team knows how to make your backyard look like an oasis. We can create strong and attractive concrete patios, walkways, pool decks and fire pits. There is a variety of finishes to choose from, just contact us to learn more.

Epoxy Coating

We can enhance the look of concrete basements and garages with epoxy coating in either clear coat or colour. We can also mix colours or add specs depending on your preferences. Epoxy offers durability and a shiny appealing appearance. 

Commercial & Agricultural

We have extensive experience handling commercial and agricultural projects. Our team of experts can tackle projects which are 5,000 square feet or less.  

Landscaping & Renovations

Stonetown Concrete & Construction is a one-stop shop for your outdoor projects. We can build fences and decks, complete small renovations and can take care of  landscaping along with your concrete projects.

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